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William Michael "Bill" Branock

William Michael Bill Branock

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11/05/13 11:02 AM #1    

William S. Burch

Bill and I were inducted on the same day - me to Army, he to Marines, as I remember. Since our names were so close together alphabetically, we spent a lot of time in various classes rubbing shoulders. He was a good guy, taken too early by a very hard war. He was my first "wall" person and I check  up on his name every time I visit. RIP, Bill.

09/05/14 07:22 PM #2    

James N. Howell

First time I met Bill was early in the 4th grade. Walking home from Bladensburg Elementary school we started talking. So wasn't we became friends. If you found one the other was around. We only were in one class together and that was in the 7th grade. While in Jr. High we had paper routes and sometimes help each other. Although did manage to get into little trouble. Our papers would be dropped off at the same place, Hill Top Manor apartments. So on Sunday mornings we would take them inside of one of the buildings and work the inserts. Of course we be talking and laughing like it was the middle of the day not 4:30 in the morning. So we informed by the route manager we could no longer use that are any other lobbies. At some point we started going back in just alot more quiet.
Later there was a small group of us who hung out together. Like many I took up smoking but Bill didn't so he did not make as much use of the smoking area as I did. On one occasion someone with a draft card or knew someone bought beer and into the woods we went. Later Bill told me he really did not care for the beer and when no one was looking poured it out.
We use to camp out from places like my backyard to the Shenandoah with my family. In high school for money we did a lot of odd jobs together. Anything from shovling snow to yard work. Once did fence work for the mayor of Bladensburg. Our metal shop teacher a Mr. Garber who we and others did not always treat well seen something in us. He hired us to do yard work for him.
After graduation I would not see Bill again. Few days after I enlisted in the Air Force he would join the Marines later that summer. There was some letter writing between us but not to much. I was still in Viet Nam when I the news that he had been killed. And that is a day I still remember pretty clearly.
I don't know if we would have remained close friends after high school or not. But am gratfull to have had that friendship when I did.



09/05/14 10:23 PM #3    

Jerry A. Mitchell

This is my second posting in honor of Bill Branock. A true friend who would never let you down. I met Bill at Bladensburg S H. He hung around with a group that called themselves "Cousins". At that time he was very close to aher BHTS grad named Rick Claqyton (who is also deceased).It did not take long before Bill and I became good friends.What most people did not know is that Bill was in love with one of the Pasagno girls (Seaton). She wrote Bill a dear John lettet shortly after he joined the marines. I do not believe he ever got over her and did not care if he lived or died. With-in six months of there break-up Bill was killed in Nam. Bill remains in my memory as if were only yesterday we played baseball or football on the streets of Bladensbug. If you knew Bii, You would know what Kindness and friendship REALLY meant. Rest in peace Bill Braniock and Rick Clayton - I know you still walk by my side everyday.

Jerry A. Mitchell















09/06/14 03:25 PM #4    

Alice Merritt Carroll (Kish)

Billy Brannock lived down the street from me on Taussig Road in Sunnybrook. My family and the Pessagnos went to St. Ambrose and became close friends after we moved to Sunnybrook when I was in the ninth grade. Donna Pessagnos starting dating Billy and  we spent many summer crab feasts at their house. I remember the one before he left for Vietnam,a place most of us hadn't really heard of yet. I never dreamed he wouldn't come back. We weren't really close friends but he is the one I look for on the Wall every time I go and so does everyone in my family. His name is early on the wall. 

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