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C. Geoffrey Bryce

C. Geoffrey Bryce

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06/24/14 04:12 PM #1    

Wesley M. McAuley

On June 15, 2004, Geoffrey, the only occupant of his small pickup truck, was fatally injured when his vehicle collided with a welding truck midway between Taos, NM and his nearby home in Valdez.  He was DOA at the local hospital.  --  Some classmates may remember Geoffrey as a brain.  He was.  At the end of 11th grade he consented to show me his final report card, nothing but A's.  His only comment: he admired symmetry.  His mother told me his only B at BHS was once in plane geometry courtesy of Mr. Thomas.  A philosophy major, he graduated 5th in his class in 1968 from Md. U and received a graduate scholarship to Wisconsin University, Madison.  --  A year later he was drafted into the Marine Corps and spent 3 months on Parris Island.  No recruit wants to spend 3 months on Parris Island.  But he survived and as a talented piccolo player, spent the remainder of his two USMC years in the band at Twentynine Palms, CA.

He returned to Madison for the Fall 1971 semester.  The plan was to obtain a doctorate in philosophy and become a college professor.  It never happened.  His train did not so much come off the tracks as lose steam.  He entered a relationship with a senior philosophy student.  She was awarded her doctorate and obtained a teaching post before Geoffrey had finished his coursework.  They moved to Northfield, MN, a long way from Madison and his plan gradually dissolved leaving Geoffrey "ABD".  --  They got married in the late 1970s when she was having trouble obtaining a visa to re­-enter the USA from her native Argentina.  In the 1980s they bought two acres of land in Valdez and from then on, except for a couple of trips to Argentina, Geoffrey rarely left New Mexico.  In the 1990s, his wife moved on from Northfield to New York University, Binghamton, and he stayed in Valdez.  --  They had no children. Geoffrey's work history can best be described as sporadic and usually low skilled.  At BHS he tended to withdraw to a low profile in social situations.  This tendency did not change through the years.  He is buried on his property in Valdez.

09/11/14 04:35 PM #2    

Donald E. Hughes

Here was a rare guy. I can't forget that little smile. He was always so brilliant, and unflappably confident with the flute. He was a good influence in the band.  Geoffrey was a good friend and advocate, with a ready subtly humorous comment.  I'm amazed he went into the Marines, but it makes sense he survived with the piccolo.  

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